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Conflict Transformation:

Going Beyond Resolution

In a family, a business, or a nation, we may be prepared to meet threats that come from outside the group. But too often the greatest threats -- the conflicts that tear us apart -- come from within: come from failed communication styles, attitudes toward authority,
and questions of pride and prestige.

When the threat comes from within, the solution is to let a neutral party in: someone who has no agenda other than your success, your integrity, and the restoration of right being.

At Primia, we have worked with groups in conflict and developed powerful tools to improve communication and to set the stage for personal and group transformation. We believe that coaching itself does not resolve conflict. We focus on changing attitudes and behaviors.

When people experience the change in themselves, they gain the power to resolve conflict with others. Our approach makes sustained resolution possible. Our clients experience the benefits of our approach in the short term and long after our work together has concluded.

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