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Life Coaching On Your Terms


We all want to find the good life, to live it on our own terms, and share that good life with the people who matter to us.

But life presents challenges; some that are specific to our situation, others that are universally common.

We aren’t born with everything we need to meet all of life’s challenges. That’s why a life coach can be your crucial advantage as you seek to define and live the life of your dreams.

With Primia, you get a certified professional life coach who has traveled the road before you, and who has the experience and perspective to help you see what the obstacles are.

Together, we can overcome what stands between where you are and where you want to be.

I help my clients identify their challenges, persevere, and succeed.

Many of my clients have experienced setbacks and traumas of the most devastating kind. I have experienced those, too.

My passion is for personal transformation. I will help you see the past for what it is and define a vision for yourself that puts the past in its proper place. Once we have defined that vision, we will build a plan to make that vision real.

Habits of mind can hold you back. They can also propel you forward -- when they are habits you have chosen and approach with discipline and diligence. I teach my clients the keys to productive thinking and help them demolish old destructive thought patterns.

Your life can be whatever you want. If success, fulfillment, and joy seem elusive, let’s talk. Contact me today. Together we can cross the bridge to where you want to be.

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